mandala vision

Personal Consultation

Vision, Aura reading, healing, energy, overcoming, past lives, family tree, guides, etc.

Contribution: 80€

Via Skype: 50€


Spiritual Healing

Conscious Spiritual energy healing in sessions between 30 and 45 min

Contribution: 30€


Personal Retirement

A weekend meeting to work hard for healing and inner development

Contribution: €240

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More than 10 years of experience working throughout Spain, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and USA. And more than 25 years on an inner search path

Conscious Healing

Do you have the doubt, the need to forgive your past, to face every reality of your life as something new? Walk, breathe, learn to leave behind. The healing is to let the light shine on you. That from your gaze arises the change that will help you to transmute all the pain in truth. To heal is to allow change.

Leaving the comfort zone

Through work we learn to get away from the everyday path, what you already know, that inflexible area of apparent comfort where change cannot be produced. We often feel that life goes on and there are no changes. Then we must overcome the obstacles and there is no choice but to leave the comfort zone, that place where we are and we notice that it does not help us to overcome or to change. With the right tools you can achieve it, having clear a new direction, discovering the resources already in you and addressing new achievements in your life

Clear Vision

We need to have a clear vision of what we do and why we do it. What is the karmic framework that surrounds us and surrounds our lives. Where do you lose energy and why? What do you feel you owe life, what do you feel you’re not delivering? Why do you live what you live? Are there past lives that may be affecting your destiny by denying you the opportunity to be happy? Have you ever looked inside and felt that the source of your problems is not what you thought? That there is something else that is hidden and does not allow you to see? The clear vision allows us to focus on what we really need to see and uncover the right steps that we must give in life.

Angelica presence

Loneliness doesn’t exist. Millions of planes overlap. The universe is not created only for human life or for the life of this planet, much more of this, the immense universe contains multitude of dimensions, forms and energies that are supported and intertwined with each other. It is important to learn to distinguish and understand the meaning of our spiritual guides, the reason for their presence and how they can help us. Supporting us in superior subtle forces will also help your ego stop fighting for the reason and deliver with value all your destiny to the superior and divine.

The consciousness

All the energetic and spiritual work must be done from a full consciousness from where Surje. We must understand what energies are being worked on, why those energies and not others, with what purpose, what are the direct consequences of working with those energies in our bodies and in our lives. The conscious work allows us to understand the reason for each process and to clearly distinguish the steps we are making and where they lead us.

(*) Exposed prices are taxable and may vary depending on organizational expenses in cities outside Covilhã, Portugal.

The work is in Spanish without translation. The price of the translation is not counted