What if the silence were in you and you just need to hear it to become him?

This is an opportunity to know the keys of your life,

A retreat that from the silence will remind you of the voice of your soul.

One more treasure for your life: the encounter with yourself.

Everything you want most,

What you crave,

What you’re looking for,

It’s you.

Benefits of the withdrawal of silence

Among the many benefits that we can find in a retreat of silence, above all we will be able to collect energy and strength for many years in addition to returning our mind to a point of balance and serenity.

For a healthy life we recommend one or two silent retreats a year.

But at the general level we can list the following benefits:

  • Silence and inner peace
  • Mental clarity and vision
  • Physical, emotional and mental purification
  • Work on meditation
  • Service and recognition of personal space, intimacy, self-esteem and self-worth
  • Strengthening of the Will
  • Intense rest through calm

During these days …

It is 4 days in which we will work silence and inner peace.

We will thus recover the serenity, allow our minds to expand and our emotions to flow in order to bring about an encounter with oneself.

These days we will be alone with ourselves: re-knowing, loving, listening …

The work hovers between 6 H and 8 h a day of silent group meditation. In the last meditation it is possible to hear some words of support for the personal work.