Retiros con Altaïr de trabajo personal individual o para grupos reducidos


An ideal retreat to work in a personal and intense way the blockages that one needs to heal and liberate. Being able to offer an adaptation to their needs.

Personal Vision Therapy

We will begin with an individual therapy so that the work can be directed to heal the blockades detected during this therapy and throughout the retreat can be solved the doubts that arise of this personal therapy.

Approximately 2 h of personal therapy aimed at finding the keys to the processes of one’s life. Focusing on blockages, karmic processes, and healing. Aural vision, life process, angels messages, Canalization, past lives, etc.

Personal work

We continue with a personal work of approximately 3 H depending on the needs and blockages detected.

This work may include from spiritual energetic healing, recapitulation, awareness of the karmic contract, Akásicos files, family healing, emotional healing, release of blockages, until release of entities and work with past lives , ancestors or accompaniment in the personal process.

Work can be done in the room or on the mountain according to personal needs.


Together with the personal work or prior to it will be held a talk of approximately 2 h where we will address the processes that are lived and will be given the keys to understand them in a general way, as well as the techniques suitable for the physical, emotional and mental healing.

Shamanic bath or cleaning with fire (optional)

The bath shamanic is a bath with medicinal herbs, aromatherapy and stones where the four elements are gathered: Earth-water-air-fire, in order to achieve a rebalancing of the person and a healing. In the process that is facilitated will prepare the mixture and all the elements for an individual bath and will accompany after the process in a meditation of silence and connection with the fire.
In the cleaning with fire we focus on the cleanliness of entities and blockades taking advantage of the sacred spirit of the fire to transmute, elevate and strengthen us.

Energy Healing

Energetic healing is a work of healing on a specialized and concrete stretcher. From a diagnosis a spiritual healing with imposition of hands will be carried out.


For those people who wish and are already working, a more advanced teaching work can be done by focusing the encounter on the transmission of techniques and teachings::

  • Connection
  • Meditation
  • Angels and Spiritual hierarchies
  • Recapitulation
  • Astral Travel
  • Reverie
  • Vision
  • Chamanísmo
  • Conscious Healing
  • etc.

The work in the withdrawal of teachings will be subject to the possibilities of the participants, giving a work and techniques appropriate to the level, the work that is done and the person in particular..



Retreat organized for 2 nights and between 10 and 12 h of work. Arrival on the first day of the 16 and departure on the third day in the morning.


Withdrawal Price: €240

Extra Energy Healing: €30

Bath shamanic or cleaning with fire: €40

The prices include accommodation and diets in a space in family living.


Covilhã (Portugal)

More information:

+ 351 924 208 017/+ 34 618 981 111